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Doorway Fiction Books (god help us all…)



The latest addition to the ‘you never know!’ world of my imagination!

       Dyson’s Dinosaur World – Michigan’s Prehistoric Wonder – was a destination hot spot for thousands of children and their parents every spring, summer and fall. The roadside park echoed with the giggles, the laughter and the jubilant screams of a generation of smiling faces and animatronic dinosaurs.

          Dean Dyson, son of the owners, spent his entire childhood with the park as his own personal playground – a playground he shared with his best friend, the troubled Jody Gattis – until it succumbed to advances in technology and shifting interests and ultimately closed for good.

          But it wasn’t all laughter and smiles at Dyson’s Dinosaur World, oh no. There was something else there, something ugly and dark and vile. And there it remains, even after the park’s closing.

          Twenty years later, Dean is back at the park after buying it in a tax sale with ideas of somehow bringing it back to life. Before he can even get started, however, a team of paranormal investigators lowers a camera into an old well on the property and discovers, not ghostly orbs or disembodied voices, but ‘lots and lots of dead bodies.’

           Jody Gattis is back, as well – to bury a father she spent most of her life hating.

          Dean and Jody always knew they’d have to return to Dyson’s Dinosaur World to deal with something they did when they were kids. But if only one of the bodies at the bottom of that well was put there by them, where did all of the other ones come from? And what sort of real-life monster is responsible?

          What haunts this old park isn’t the supernatural or spirits from beyond, but rather the evil and darkness hidden in the souls of humanity and the men – and women – who embrace it.



Spring Creek, Missouri – October 1, 1991 (8:07pm): Population 756
Spring Creek, Missouri – October 1, 1991 (8:15pm): Population 0
In a matter of minutes, the town of Spring Creek ceased to exist. Every man, woman and child blinked out in what investigators would call ‘An Event of Unknown Origin.’
Local authorities received a flurry of 911 calls about a strange weather event, a blood-red sky and then silence…
Sullivan County Sheriff Ken Lampley was there that night – the leader of a group of first-responders who descended on the town to help. Instead of finding people needing assistance, they found nothing. They heard, however, voices – voices of town residents calling out ‘help us! We’re here!’ over and over again before they faded away and the town was sealed off forever.
Thirty years later, Ken’s daughter Lindy – who succeeded him as sheriff – hooks up with the Crazy Quest Divas, three sisters who’ve found a way into the haunted town to shoot a video project for their web channel.
Together, they will learn that the ‘Event of Unknown Origin’ wasn’t an isolated incident and that town isn’t quite so dead after all.




Brian Tarpley and Molly Mitchell embarked on their senior year of high school together as summer ended in 1984 – a summer of bonfires, field parties and jumping off a diving raft into the midnight waters of their fading childhood.
Rebecca Tate was a six-year-old girl who enjoyed staying up late with her older sister and turning dead autumn leaves into art projects.
As fall turned to winter and winter to spring 1985, a shadow fell across all of them – a shadow darker and colder than the harsh Michigan winter – leaving Brian and Molly’s love for each other irrevocably altered and a precocious little girl missing.
Thirty years later a discovery is made beneath a vacant parking lot near Detroit – a discovery that will bring these three together again. First loves often burn the hottest and, although they may diminish over time, the embers are rarely extinguished completely.
Mixed in with those embers are the painful truths of what happened that year – painful truths that have left indelible marks on so many lives – in a spring of dark happenings.
While I was a police officer in my hometown, I dug into the disappearance of a little girl who went missing during May of my senior year of high school. In ‘Dark Happenings’ the fate of that little girl is proposed after reading police reports, documents, witness statements and a psychics’ report.  Take it for what its worth – she is still missing.



A woman loses her battle with cancer, leaving her husband and two young daughters behind. But what if she’d beaten the disease? A love struck teenager is killed in a car crash when she and her boyfriend attempt to outrun a train. But what if HE had been killed instead? A wife sets her dreams aside to support her husband while he goes through medical school. But what if she’d focused more on her own hopes and plans and less on his?
What if… What if… What if…
In a world of loss and pain and unfulfilled dreams, three families are about to get the ultimate ‘do over’ – but are the ramifications of such an event too much for our society to bear?
Easily one of the hardest books I’ve written because of my advancing age and impending mortality. The concept of what might have been, if only…. fascinates me.


Goose Lake documentary   ((Check out this documentary on the Goose Lake International Music Festival that was created by Austin Bell of JTV (Jackson Television) and features yours truly! I swear, my head’s not THAT round… Or is it?)
Goose Lake Cover 2015
The Goose Lake International Music Festival took place near Jackson, Michigan in August of 1970 – a year after Woodstock. The event organizers anticipated 30,000 people… They got over 250,000.
Matt and Laura spent the weekend together – two teenagers meeting for the first time and falling in love to the backdrop of music and drugs.
Fate, however, pulled them apart…
Now, over forty years later, they’re drawn back together again to solve a mystery that dates back to that glorious weekend in the sun.
Marked with interviews from real-life festival attendees who paint a picture of that magical weekend, join Matt and Laura as they rediscover the wonder of their youth – and each other.
Take a trip back in time to Goose Lake…
“The author has an amazing way to take the reader back in time and feel the nostalgia of that fun, free loving, weekend music festival. I absolutely loved this book!” Shelley L. (July 2015)
I loved the way the author wove the two main characters past and present lives together with the vehicle of astral projection. That was a surprise! This book is a gentle and nostalgic romance between two teenagers in the beauty of their youth through the twilight years of lives full of every kind of experience the 1960’s could conjure. Certainly a must read for the 250,000+ people who were there!” Russell S. (November 2016)

The Lady

In an act of unspeakable violence,  a young man enters a church service on a Sunday morning and opens fire with a handgun. Police Detective Sergeant Mitchell Spink draws the investigation – and the shooter’s statement unlocks only more questions.
Miles Austin Mack maintains that, although he was the shooter, a woman made him do it. She didn’t coerce or talk him into it, either. Like a parasite, she entered his mind – paralyzed his ability to act for himself – pirated his body and laughed with delight as each gun shot rang out. Spink knows he has all he needs for a quick conviction: he has the shooter. And yet…
Drawn by the strangeness of Miles Mack’s story, and equally by the man’s acceptance of his fate, Spink delves deeper – and then he meets the woman, known only as Lilith. But Lilith has an agenda of her own, and it involves a meeting with Serenity Page, the lone agent for the government’s Department of the Divine – an agency that deals with worldly events that may have a Biblical origin.
Lilith has waited a long time to make contact with Serenity. She has waited a long time for someone to notice her, to understand what she is capable of. But Serenity already knows. And soon the world will, as well. For Lilith enjoys playing games with the souls of men and women – of mere humans. She enjoys causing chaos and she revels in the aftermath and she’s been doing it since the days of Adam and Eve. And she does so love a challenge…
“Creepy as hell. I don’t want anything to do with ever running into this Lilith. But it makes you think…” Mike (May 2015)


The 34th Cover

Ben Bishop when the Daniel J. Braddock – a thousand foot long ore carrier – sank in a Lake Superior storm. Thirty-three of his crew mates – co-workers and friends – died that night.
Twenty-five years later Ben has put that terrible event behind him. But it refuses to stay there.
A U.S Government program – the Majestic 12 – reaches out to him with a disturbing revelation: every girlfriend, wife or significant other to one of those lost crewmen has died. Some passed away of natural causes, some committed suicide and a handful simply disappeared. It could be just a bizarre, random coincidence – just a molding of numbers to create a pattern. But the MJ-12 doesn’t think so.
Who is the woman who rides along with Ben on police duty one night, offering him a job as police chief in a tiny, island community called Birch Bay? An island community no one has heard of, and even Google can’t identify? What really happened to the Daniel J. Braddock? Why would a structurally sound, one thousand foot long ore carrier snap in two and sink without sounding a warning? Who are the Majestic 12? What is their purpose? And why are they so interested in the lone survivor? A man named Ben Bishop, who’s come to be known as the 34th?


A year after she was abducted and killed while walking home from school – her body discarded and left in a ditch – twelve year old Emma Serafin has returned. But she brought something back with her… Her parents, unable to cope with the loss of their daughter, lead separate lives now and thousands of miles apart. There is a gap between their hearts that stretches beyond the vast physical distance. But Dean Serafin has accepted an impossible reality at the tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He gets a second chance with his daughter and he is determined to protect her. But does she need protection? FBI Special Agents Mitchell Kemp and Veronica Rodriguez are on the trail of a serial killer – one who pulverizes his victims into dust while never breaking the skin. But are the killer’s victims really victims at all? They’re child molesters, rapists and predators. To identify a killer, the agents hatch a desperate plan to fake an abduction to bring their target out into the light. But what if it doesn’t understand their intentions? And what if it sees them as nothing more than monsters like all the rest?


The Thing in the Trees (The Department of the Divine – Book I)
In the Michigan village of Cedar Bay, 14 year old Tara Taylor has disappeared.
There are witnesses – their statements identical: The tree took her.
Sheriff Donny Kimmel is about to come face-to-face with a nightmare from his past, because the traditional won’t bring Tara home and this investigation is unlike anything he has encountered. But he’s not alone…
He is teaming up with someone as strange and mysterious as the very thing he’s looking for. “Allow your mind to travel beyond what you know, and to where only your imagination roams. Once you’re there – once you’ve washed up on the shores of your wildest dreams – only then can you begin to understand what I am and what I’ve seen,” says Serenity Page of the Department of the Divine.
Her mission: ‘Et Intellige Indentify’ – Latin for identify and understand. Donny is going on a journey that will blur the line  between what he knows and all that he can possibly imagine.


Ethan Jessup has a problem.
Dealing with an internet addiction that leaves him feeling ashamed and dirty, he summons the courage to make a life-altering decision: He is going to kill Dana Elizabeth Sullivan.
But she’s not going to stay dead.
For Dana Elizabeth Sullivan is an online profile he created for himself to conceal his ugly activities – a cloak for him to hide behind. And to rid himself of the guilt and shame, he has to kill her. But somehow Dana isn’t confined to his computer or the cyber world any longer. Somehow she has gotten out and people that Ethan has communicated with are getting killed.
A sickening plague has been released in Ethan’s world.
And while he fights to kill it, it fights to survive – and it’s getting stronger. She is getting stronger, and in its’ path are his wife and daughter. But how can he fight something that isn’t even alive? And how can he outthink a creation formed from the darkest places in his own mind?




Thousands of ships and planes have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, a region that doesn’t exist according to the Coast Guard or the United States military. Planes like the squadron of Avenger bombers known as Flight 19, the British Tudor IV jet called Star Tiger, and the nuclear powered submarine Scorpion. Despite searches using the most sophisticated equipment covering hundreds of nautical miles, no trace has ever been found.
Until now…
Two thousand miles from the Triangle, in a remote Michigan village on Lake Superior, an unoccupied airplane has crashed into a nearby lake.


On the day his daughter was abducted and killed, police officer Joel Chase was having an affair.
He blamed God.
Now estranged from his family and existing in a cloud of misery, self-loathing and rage, Joel runs down a suspect in a desolate lakeside park on a rainy night. As he takes out his grief and shame and guilt on the suspect, four words drift down from a willow tree above him long buried… Daddy, don’t hurt him.
Everything that Joel knows about life, about death, about faith and about God, is all going to change with those four words. He has asked God to show him why his daughter had to die – he has demanded it.
God has had enough. He has had enough of taking the heat for Joel’s bad decisions and demands. He has had enough of being second guessed.
Joel Chase is about to have his prayers, and his questions, answered. Let the nightmare begin.


The Lower Lights

Keep writing them and keep putting them out there because – well – you just never know! If you’re close enough to Mid-Michigan and are interested, send me an e-mail at or leave a post on here. I’ll buy you coffee and deliver a signed copy myself! After all, what could possibly go wrong?

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